Investment Thesis

BRED provides a flexible approach to liquidity for assets with a partial or full disposition need. We aim to provide growth and increased value for asset holders and companies with alternative capital needs.

We do this using our disciplined strategy; we value the risk and perform due diligence to ensure an asset meets our investment criteria. Our platform offers a frictionless approach to raising capital from individuals worldwide.

In addition to working with institutional and high-net-worth investors, we work with both accredited and non-accredited retail investors to allow opportunity to invest in the real estate space.

Our goal is to help stabilize assets, grow value and simplify structure to provide our shareholders greater value


We are building a more efficient private equity space using technology to optimize aspects of fund management, acquisition, and operations.

Streamlined Investments Streamlined Investments

We provide global investors with a streamlined investment path and minimize the current barriers of entry like complicated paperwork and assist in jurisdictional taxation requirements.

Lowering Cost & Complexity Lowering Cost & Complexity

Our unique approach is working to lower fees and costs in order to provide better returns to the investor.

Alternative Investment Opportunity

We bridge the gap between traditional and digital markets to create opportunity for more investors to have access to great asset investments.

Better Alternative Assets Better Alternative Assets

Our assets are vetted by industry experts who have decades of real estate experience.

Investor Liquidity Investor Liquidity

We are working towards providing more freedom with your investments.

At the appropriate stage, BRED Token will seek a listing with primary stock markets to provide greater liquidity to investors.

BRED Token Strategic Service Providers and Partners

How Do I Become a BRED Trusted Service Provider?

As we continue to grow, we welcome the opportunity to meet new service providers to discuss your interest in becoming a BRED Trusted Service Provider. Please email us at [email protected] to discuss further.

Why Invest in Real Estate.

The property sector is the single largest asset class globally

$8.5 Trillion

Size of professionally managed global real estate

$217 Trillion

Total developed global real estate as of 2016

$1.4 Trillion

Global real estate volume in 2017

The Future of Real Estate Investing

Onboarding global investors faster and more efficiently

BRED platforms are designed to provide greater access to a global retail investor base by providing an automated Know Your Customer, Anti Money Laundering and suitability, minimizing the touch-points required to onboard a global investor.

Onboarding of assets without incurring the significant capital raise fees

Capital raise is very complex, costly and time-consuming. Our approach minimizes expenses and can be done efficiently and quickly providing access to the investment to the investors.

BRED Token Backed by Techstars, Colliers Proptech Class of 2019

Colliers Proptech Accelerator Powered by Techstars focuses on solving problems across the property & commercial real estate industry. The possibilities for innovation, disruption & productivity enhancing opportunities are endless. The partnership combines TechStars’ expertise in tech innovation, start-ups & alumni network with Colliers’ expertise in real estate, enterprising culture & global network.

BRED has been awarded 1 of 10 positions in the accelerator for 2019 out of hundreds of companies that applied, a 1-2% acceptance rate.

Utilizing this great relationship and access to industry experts BRED continues to evolve at an accelerated pace ensuring the introduction of the latest technology occurs with the guidance of industry expert oversight to maximize the benefit to shareholders.

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BRED Token Team

Leadership Team

Dr. Walter Heidary
Boasting a large portfolio of corporate leadership, Dr. Walter Heidary brings a wealth of knowledge ...
Dr. Walter Heidary Co-Chief Executive Officer
Jag Basrai
As technology advances at a rapid pace, Jag Basrai remains a leader in the creation and implementati...
Jag Basrai President & Co-Chief Executive Officer
Professor Ahmed AlGebali MBA, CPA
Professor Ahmed Al Gebali has significant experience as CFO and Advisory roles. Ahmed has worked in ...
Professor Ahmed AlGebali MBA, CPA Chief Financial Officer
Kobhi Nanthakumaran
Kobhi Nanthakumaran brings over 20 years of experience in IT infrastructure and software engineering...
Kobhi Nanthakumaran Chief Technology Officer
David Glass
David Glass has extensive experience in Asset Management, Real Estate Development and Property Opera...
David Glass Chief Operating Officer
Rakesh Desai
Rakesh is extremely influential and effective when engaged in developing and streamlining technology...
Rakesh Desai Chief Marketing Officer
Greg Mezzabotta
Greg Mezzabotta is a senior mortgage -lending manager with 25+ years of experience developing new co...
Greg Mezzabotta Asset Analyst and Manager

Independent Directors

John Morrison
Mr. John R. Morrison is the past Vice Chair and former President and Chief Executive Officer of Choi...
John Morrison Independent Director, Chair of Governance and Remuneration Committee
Phil Nanavati
Over his commercial real estate career, Mr. Nanavati has been directly involved in sales and leasing... ?>
Phil Nanavati Independent Director, Chair of Investment Committee
Mario Frankovich
A graduate of McMaster University (BA History and English) and the University of Windsor (Finance an... ?>
Mario Frankovich Independent Director, Chair of Audit Committee

Legal and Compliance Team

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Maintaining a diverse team is a core value at BLG and we draw upon the strengths of knowledgeable an...
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Service Provider, Securities, Capital Markets and Governance
Hart Muirhead Fatta is a law firm, offering a wide range of services. The firm provides the range of...


Richard W Norton
Rick Norton brings over 30 years experience in the hotel and hospitality industry. Rick has operated...
Richard W Norton Advisor
Jim Curry
Jim Curry is a solution-oriented Construction Manager/Consultant with over 35 years in the industry....
Jim Curry Advisor

What Is The Industry Saying?

  • Although some CRE companies won’t adapt, many of their competitors will— taking not only their customers and top talent but the investment dollars as well. Ultimately, the winners will be those that can adapt to the forces of change faster than the speed of change itself.
    Deloitte 2019 Commercial Real Estate Outlook
  • If you look at Blackstone and Brookfield, they are maybe 5 to 10 percent better than their peers and they are hoovering up capital. Technology creates outsized winners and that is what will happen in real estate, too.
    PWC Global Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2018
  • Where value resides in the real estate sector, it will shift to new or hybrid models of existing and new players who manage to harness data as a competitive operational advantage and create entirely new revenue opportunities that leverage the scale of their portfolios.
    PWC Global Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2018

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